Our Day

Our day at Lane Cove Montessori (LCM) is split into a three hour Montessori program which starts at 8:00am. The children are greeted by the educators and the children work independently. During this time the children have progressive morning tea and the Munch and Move program. The morning Montessori program runs for three hours.

After 11:00am we offer children the Early Years Learning Framework and they are stimulated with group activities, classroom projects and individual interests and needs.

The program includes Yoga. It is an optional choice where the children who are not involved work through other activities.

LCM also incorporates technology with the children having the opportunity to gain technology skills as they take turns on the lap tops working on educational programs. All of our wonderful and engaging technology resources are from Crayons Lane Cove.

Parents are always invited to take part in the centre as they bring along their skills and knowledge to educate the children.

Some of these include teaching languages, playing instruments, cooking craft and stories.

All cultures are embraced as we strive to celebrate every festival by creating a day full of activities based around the culture. The staff and children dress up, cook food from the country, learn about the history of the country, create craft, experience their music through song and dance.

At Lane Cove Montessori the children are guided to be independent and to have respect for culture, environment, materials and most of all for each other.